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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  September 2, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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to prove a point about internet speeds, we slowed down an up escalator this is crazy like i don't get it, this one is working ladies, shouldn't up be as fast as down? yeah. shouldn't internet speeds match as well? yes. do your socks match? my socks match. do your eyeballs match? yes. cable does not match the speeds. makes you want to go mad. erggggh. only verizon fios comes with speed match. upload speeds as fast as your download speeds. join now at verizon. a rough ride home tonight and now focused on your commute tomorrow. >> reporter: a national muslim group with the swift condemnation of the second execution of an american
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journalist by isis, that story coming up. >> reporter: prince george's county county residents call for a safer intersection after a young mother is hit and killed using this crosswalk and her 3-year-old child is critically injured. >> a local plastic surgeon is trying to reverse the damage done by illegal injections that are increasingly popular in our area. >> good evening. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. storms that dumped heavy rain are on their way out of the metro area, but boy, did they do a doozy on some parts of town. >> once it packed up and moved on the nasty rain and clouds left behind some interesting glow. look at this spectacular view we saw on the national mall tonight and you can see the silhouette of our washington monument and that hazy yellow backdrop. >> pretty. that's just one example of the stunning sights tonight. chief meteorologist topper shutt has a few more. >> we have pictures of a shelf cloud and actually this gallery is on our website
11:02 pm these are spectacular pictures. this is out in laytonsville. that's the leading edge of the storm. howard sent this in. this is spectacular in upper montgomery county around clarkbsurg. shelf clouds are not like wall clouds. they aren't associated with tornadoes. one more for you, damascus, bob sent this in, a clear line of the shelf cloud. again that occurs when you have up drafts and down drafts in the thunderstorm, but it is not an indication of a tornado, looks pretty scary, though. here's radar over the past two hours. the heaviest activity has pushed across the bay into the delmarva, a couple individual heavy cells down toward fredericksburg and over toward dunkirk, but for the most part light showers toward montgomery county and leesburg, yellow alert canceled. wake up tomorrbe fog. 5:00, 7:00 fog, 68 to 75 and by 9:00 fog bins to burn off with temperatures in the 70 -- begins to burn off with temperatures in the 70s. we'll come back and talk about if cooler air is lurking in the
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wings. parts of prince george's county under a boil water advisory all because of a water main break along tanglewood drive in hyattsville. that advisory targets the following areas, might be your neighborhood, hyattsville, bladenburg, mount rainier, cheverly, chillum, fairmount heights, seat pleasant and brentwood. boil your water at least one minute before drinking it, cook with it, make ice, wash your dishes or brush your teeth. the wssc says that advisory will remain in effect for approximately 48 hours. a 3-year-old girl is in the hospital recovering from the crash that killed her mother and nearly took her life. 31-year-old thelma fernandez flores was hit and killed in a crosswalk across a busy prince george's county street yesterday afternoon. flores leaves behind a 14-year- old daughter. >> tonight family and friends gathered to remember her while mola lenghi tells us the community is calling for
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changes and for justice. >> scores of people turned out for tonight's vigil, justice they say including charging the driver that killed thelma flores. changes would include making the deadly intersection where she was killed safer. that's something i'm told the town of riverdale park tried to do in the past but was turned down. the mayor of riverdale park says flores should have never died. e street that she could not. flores was hit by a car and killed monday trying to cross riverdale road with her 3-year- old daughter walking home from the grocery store. >> she loved her daughters, loved her daughters. >> she had a lot of dreams, but the first one is to give a better life for her daughters. >> in her final moment flores shielded her daughter from the suv that came speeding through the crosswalk. two other lanes of traffic were stopped to allow flores and her daughter to cross. >> is in just completely should
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never have happened. >> at monday night's vigil just feet from the fateful crosswalk the mayor stressed the town requested that the maryland state highway office evaluate the dangerous intersection two years ago after another near fatal pedestrian accident. >> i think speed combined with the number of lanes, six through lanes and two turn lanes, to expect pedestrians to be able to get across that with no assistance is just ridiculous. >> mayor archer says the state denied his request to modify the intersection. >> part of the reason was there was not an accident history sufficient to justify it in their opinion. we need something done. they've got to fix this and make sure this doesn't happen again. >> until then a family that has lost so much remains lost themselves. >> i have a lot of uncertainty right now about the situation,
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but i hope in god that there will be justice in this situation. >> police are still investigating the accident. whether or not the driver of the suv that hit flores will be charged will depend on that investigation. new tonight at 11:00 350 more american troops are headed to iraq at the request of the state department. president obama approved the additional personnel to help protect the u.s. embassy in baghdad. the pentagon says most of the troops are from the army, some from the marines. this new deployment brings the total number of u.s. troops in iraq to more than 1,000. 800 alone are providing security for american personnel at facilities in baghdad. the militant group isis says it has beheaded another american journalist for retaliation of u.s. airstrikes in iraq. an internet posting today claims to show the beheading of steve sotloff. the white house has not confirmed the authenticity yet. a spokesman for relatives say
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they are grieving privately. muslim leaders in our area are anxious to get their views on the record tonight after news surfaced of the beheading of steven sotloff. here's that part of the story. >> reporter: a national muslim group with a swift condemnation after the second execution of an american journalist by isis. the beheading of journalist james foley and steven sotloff apparently at the hands of isis terrorists received a full throated review by muslim groups at a press conference on capitol hill tonight. >> we cannot find proper words to express the horror we feel at this gruesome killing. it is horrifying for us to see a group of terrorists, criminals claiming to act as muslims. >> reporter: care or the council on american islamic relations served as host. just a few hours after the latest video of a beheading by isis was released. >> as the qur'an teaches us, if you take the life of one person, it is as if you had
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slain all of humanity. >> these horrendous actions are not islam. these people are criminals. >> reporter: in recent weeks radio show host lar inglam said she wished more muslim leaders would speak out. care has called isis' actions not islamic and morally repugnant and points out people who rushed to the aid of isis are not exactly on humanitarian missions. >> they're not using their passports to go help liberate people. they're catching a passport to hell. tonight the pentagsaof its somalia was the leader of the al-shabaab terrorist group. the explosives hit an encampment and a vehicle last night. pentagon officials are assessing the strike and could not confirm whether the leader is dead. a followup on the proposed gun range in frederick county, maryland. those against the plan declare victory tonight at a packed public hearing. the family who proposed putting
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a firearms training facility near sugar loaf mountain withdrew that application. the neighbors had been worried about noise and safety. there's a is run yard that hosts outdoor events -- a vineyard that hosts outdoor events nearby, a wedding venue and an equestrian center. the plan called for what it said would be the most sophisticated gun range in maryland with a sniper tower and gun range and indoor facilities. a third american contracted the ebola virus while working for a missionary group in lie bear ya. he wóias an obstetrician -- liberia. he was an obstetrician and not treating patients. more than 1,500 people have died from ebola in west africa. there will be the first human testing of a vaccine against ebola involving 20 people, but none will be infected. according to nih, the test vaccine performed extremely
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well in primates. this vaccine is far different from the experimental drug used to treat two americans last month. the d.c. government concluded there is nothing the city could have done to prevent relisha rudd's disappearance six months ago saying the family deliberately hid important information about her missing school and their allowing a man to take relisha. her mother disagrees. >> reporter: shameka young and antonio wheeler, relisha's parents no longer want their faces shown and can no longer stand the criticism and judgment of others. >> my issue with the school board is if she missed all that school, why didn't you all call our phone? that is you all's job requirement. >> reporter: the d.c. government issued a report on how d.c. city agencies performed in relisha rudd's case. in summation it said that no justifiable government actions would have prevented relisha's
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tragic disappearance. why are you changing some things, doing some things differently if you've concluded there was nothing more you could have done? >> the review team looked carefully at all the facts of the case and determined in terms of the policies and procedures of district government that there's nothing the government could have done to have prevented what was a tragic outcome. at the same time the mayor is very clear that we need to constantly work on improving the systems that we have in place. >> reporter: the criminal probe into relisha's disappearance focused on khalil tatum, a custodian at the homeless shelter and his relationship with relisha and her family. reports say he was allowed to take the child to his home days at a time. she miss several days in school before her disappearance was discovered. while looking for relisha and tatum authorities found tatum's wife murdered in a local motel and two weeks after that tatum was found dead in a park from a self-inflicted gunshot. shameka young no longer lives at the city shelter at d.c.
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general hospital. she picked up the keys to her new apartment today and tells me she's determined to be reunited at some point with her three sons who are still under the custody of the city government. there is a criminal investigation into the disappearance of relisha rudd. d.c. police chief cathy lanier said today that investigation is continuing. bruce johnson, wusa9. >> now relisha's mother and father claim they never gave khalil tatum custody of their child. they say relisha was sent to stay with an aunt because she was sick and it was that relative who put her in the custody of khalil. thank god for his goodness and spend some time with my son and just wait upon the lord and that's all i can do. >> after 5 1/2 hours of deliberating jurors head back tomorrow to decide the fate of former virginia government bob mcdonnell and his wife. today seven men and five women on the jury were given two hours of instructions from the gun while deciding on those 14
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counts -- judge while deciding those 14 counts. the act from mcdonnell could have been something simple that might have been done in his role as governor. that would benefit the prosecution. however, jurors were instructed good faith is in the charges meaning prosecutors must prove that mcdonnell knowingly acted to break the law. that's obviously a plus for the defense and, of course, the jurors must believe he was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. joan rivers daughter confirmed that she suffered cardiac arrest. at 81 years old she hosted the e-show fashion police which was supposed to tape an episode just this week. of course, now the network put the show on hold. it was a very targeted hack attack. tonight that is how apple's target rising the online posting of nude photos of celebrities like jennifer lawrence. the company says this was not a
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general data breach of its systems, rather celebrity accounts were compromised by a very targeted attack on usernames, password and security questions. the fbi is looking into this and once again security experts remind us all change those password often. pass -- passwords often. hiny injections gone bad, the ugly price women are paying here in the d.c. eaar. >> plus dan snyder talking about th
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there was a time when really a huge behind was not necessarily a cause for celebration, a time before kim kardashian went viral with her risque pictures of her hind parts and even launched a new term belfies as in butt selfies. >> now a whole lot of you out there are going for a similar look but ofttimes it doesn't end well. more and more women are turning to illegal black market injections to increase the size of their booties and as andrea mccarren explains, there are often dire consequences. >> women are choosing these injections over implants because of cost and
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convenience. initially there's verying recovery time and the price is usually a couple hundred dollars as opposed to as much as 10,000 for implants. >> it's kind of like your wardrobe. it's just one of those things you do. i don't wear a suit and a tie. i got a booty. that's what i wear to work. >> sarah is 31 years old and wanted to boost the size of her behind, so she turned to an option cheaper than implants and illegal, silicone injections. >> if you're in a club with 100 women, we'll say 80%, 80 women will actually have them done. so it's kind of like you have a competitive edge. >> but her jebs went bad and she's not alone -- injections went d and she's not alone. >> certainly in the last six months i'm seeing a rash of people who have these injections done come back with problems >> not only are these silicon injections illegal, they're often mixed with materials that can create horrible disfiguring reactions. >> this dark skin feels like a
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leather purse. we've heard stories of motor oil being mixed with them. we've heard fix a flat, hydrogel. these are substances that go to the kidney and liver and destroy them. >> they can also lead to masses of silicone that have hardened and migrated, so firm dr. anyawu must work to soften the tissue enough to remove it. >> if you try to go in now and surgically remove it, you couldn't even get a knife through it. that's how hard it is. so most of these are done underground. >> even more alarming, these black market injections are being done at pumping parties held in motel rooms, private homes and spas. >> a few of my girl friends and i actually heard about this person. so we just went together, got a little hotel room and had a little girls night. >> it's a shroud of secrecy around it. it's hard to get into these parties. you have to be invited by somebody who has had injections done before. >> we spotted this ad on craigslist and asked for more information. minutes later we received a
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price list from an injector in buffalo, new york, claiming to work with lots of girls from d.c. this person promised results would be immediate and permanent and was even willing to come to d.c. for a $300 travel fee. >> i don't suggest it. i guess the a man reason is you never really know who -- main reason is you never really know who is doing it or what they're actually injecting. >> it's actually scary because it's extremely dangerous. >> one of the doctor's patients traveled all the way to south america for butt implants, but the surgeon there put in breast implants instead. andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> wow. baltimore, atlanta and new york are currently considered hubs for the illegal injections. some have led to serious illnesses and death. when the doctor tells us a lot of doctors shy away from dealing with the aftermath of those injections because as he says, reversing those toxic shots is nothing you can learn in school.
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know on the go, text radar to 25543 and download the wusa9 weather app. >> rough night, top. >> little rough, calmed down now, but tomorrow morning we could see fog. we had a little fog this morning. i think it will be more widespread tomorrow, so maybe set the alarm for 10 minutes earlier. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam. it was 95 again today, still 80 downtown, so it's not exactly like this cold front ushered in a breath of fresh air. it's still pretty hot. dew points are still miserable at 74, winds south, southeast at 3. there will be drier air moving in overnight. it's just going to take a while. here's a big picture of the radar over the past two hours. a couple light showers pushing through loudoun county. heavier showers in fredericksburg producing frequent lightning and heavy rain, but lighter activity toward leesburg out route 7 and also light activity up 270. we'll go down south. this is a pretty heavy cell
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headed east, northeast toward mechanicsville. on our storm tracker headed there about 11:51. you will hear the rumble of thunderheaded towards dahlgren about 11:16, not severe but heavy. deep red is rainfall rates about 1 1/2 inches per hour, so localized flooding possible. fog overnight could affect the morning commute, bus stop temperatures still kind of sticky, 68 to 78 with mostly cloudy skies to start. a cold front will reduce humidity slowly tomorrow, brings down temps just a little bit. you will need your sunglasses. the clouds will eventually burn off. so here's the futurecast. 6:00 in the morning we're in the 70s, 77 downtown, 70 in gaithersburg, 71 leesburg. notice the farther north you go, less cloud cover you have. that's going to be the trend much of the day. by 8:00, a little leftover fog, 77 downtown, low 70s in the burbs. by 1:00, yes, there will be shower in the mountains,
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cumberland and points west in the immediate metro area just partly cloudy skies, temperatures back into the 80s. by 3:00 kids heading home, 80s, pretty nice. by 5:00 88 downtown, 83 gaithersburg, 84 leesburg, a few showers west of i-81. by 7:00 we're still 85 downtown, again best bet is to exercise in the morning because we're looking at temperatures in the upper 80s to mid-80s by 7:00, 8:00 at night. 70s to start, 78 by 9:00, 82 by 11:00, 86 by 1:00, still with some clouds. skies will become partly cloudy. now we got 90 degrees, isolated storm thursday, isolated storm friday, 91, keep your plans. they'll be few and far between. next seven days hot saturday, 93, cold front coming through on sunday. that could affect the nats game, the ravens game. behind that front a little cooler. we're back in the low to mid- 80s monday and tuesday.
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> the washington redskin name debate continues to be a hot button topic, even more so now at the beginning of football season. we've continued to hear both side of the argument. tonight the debate is once again getting heated. dan snyder and his wife tanya appeared on espn outside the line, an hour long show focusing on the nickname delemma, snyder on the fensive explaining why he's standing firm on his decision not to change the name, but the show featured native americans on both sides of the debate. >> what we really feel and i hope you respect is the fact that the name of our team is the name of our team and it represents honor, pride, respect. >> we can call ourselves whatever we want to call
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ourself. you can't, dan snyder. you cannot refer to us in that manner. >> i grew up on the reservation and i'm very proud of the redskins because they gave me hope and so my story is quite simple. i identified with the redskins because they are proud and i'm proud of the redskins. >> espn said they conducted a poll of 1,019 people asking if they think the name should change. they found 71% of people are in favor of keeping the nickname. 23% are not, but according to espn, those in favor of changing the name has risen 9% in the last year. the highly anticipated video game madden nfl '15 has a few glitches, more like honey i shrunk the football player. that is titan's linebacker christian kirksy, 6' 2, 235 and now he's 1' 2. a few little
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there a place open tonight i can get that madden game? >> the guy that's flying. >> that's our broadcast for tonight. thanks for sticking around. >> of course, we're always on letterman is next. make it a great night, everybody! >> bye bye.
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( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'


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